CanDo are forging a change. Our secret ingredient? Coffee.


CanDo has been serving great, independently sourced coffee since 2012. But we are more than just a caffeine hit. We believe that there is a better way to do business, where people are just as important as cash. We know that a commercial business can have a positive social impact, and we’re on a mission to prove just that. 

In 2012 we took this fight to the streets, serving up coffee with a conscience in our now iconic coffee carts. The coffee carts help to create meaningful employment, training and rehabilitation opportunities for those that have been overlooked by society. 
Since 2015 we have been reinvesting every penny of our profits into the CanDo Foundation (our parent charity) which exists to provide social support and rehabilitation for the people we impact. It’s a cause we’re proud to put our name to and your morning coffee helps fuel this change.